We follow the SOOS data policy to make sure that we, as a community, have a clear set of agreed guidelines for what good data management looks like, in a world where we have many demands on our time and efforts.

The SOOS Data Policy is based on the Alignment of Polar Data Policies - Recommended Principles report prepared by SOOS and our colleagues at both poles. It lays out key expectations for those who collect observations, those who curate and publish them, those who reuse data collected by others, and the funding agencies that support science and data management, to make data more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR). Importantly, the principles were based on an analysis of a wide range of data policies that are relevant to parts of our community - global, regional, and thematic ones - to distil the important principles that apply broadly and can be implemented across our community.

Have a read of the SOOS Data Policy and please use it to guide your data planning activities. If you’d like support on any aspect of data management, please contact the SOOS Data Officer (data[at] 

Citation: SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee (DMSC). (2022). SOOS Data Policy 02/2022. Zenodo.